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How to prepare for a newborn photo session: A simple guide from a New Jersey newborn photographer.

As you welcome the new member of your family, your world changes, regardless of whether or not you’re a first time parent. The idea of getting ready for a photo shoot may be a bit overwhelming, and I get that. But don't let those thoughts discourage you! I can assure you that it is not as difficult as it may sound.

Scheduling a newborn session

Scheduling a newborn session way in advance is the first step to easing the entire process. This is essential, and ensures that you don't have to stress and look for a photographer when your baby has already arrived.

I recommend that you contact me as soon as you find out your due date. That way, we have plenty of time to discuss the available options, and you can gather ideas of setups and looks you love. It is never too early to contact your photographer to book your newborn session!

When and where the session takes place

Finally, the time has come! You’ve welcomed your baby! Everyone is excited, and you and your spouse text/email the great news to your family members and friends. :) Now, this is the time to text me as well! :) Newborn sessions are best done in the first 14 days of baby's life, so we need to schedule the day and time for the session. Usually, the session takes place in the second week of a baby's life, but I‘ve photographed babies as young as 5 days old as well!

Now, that you have the day and time of your session scheduled, you can start preparing for it...

What do you bring to the newborn session?

Think about it as a regular visit to a doctor or family... For the baby all you need is a diaper bag with the items you need and take whenever you go out. You need to bring the formula if you don’t breasted and some favorite snacks for the siblings. That’s it! In my studio you will find all that is needed to create beautiful, timeless pictures. I provide the baskets, beds and buckets... all the different backgrounds, wraps, hats and headbands. So don't stress, just bring your beautiful baby and I'll take care of the rest.

If there are older siblings, we will discuss what they should wear. And I can assure you, you don't have to make a special trip to the store to buy some extra clothes for them. :) I always recommend simple, timeless outfits that will not take away from the focus, which should always be on your children and you.

And you, parents... I'm sure you have what you need in your closet! :) Simple tops, neutral colors is always what I recommend. Again, you and your beautiful family are the main focus of the photo, so don't stress too much about what to wear. The only thing that may require a bit more effort and preparation, is the hair and makeup. Although I prefer the natural look, new sleep deprived parents may need a little extra time to make sure they look their best! :)

And that‘s it! I hope this quick guide has helped relax and ease your worries about newborn photo sessions! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them for you!

I hope you decide to contact me to book your newborn session. Trust me, as a mother of two I know how fast time flies, and how quickly our children grow! The feeling of going back in time when looking at pictures from when they were born, when you met them... and remembering the unconditional love and joy that filled your heart... it truly is priceless.

"Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart" - Winnie the Pooh


Subtle by Monika Photography is a New Jersey newborn and family photography studio located in Hopewell NJ serving all areas in New Jersey including Mercer County NJ, Burlington County NJ, Ocean County NJ, Monmouth County, Middlesex County NJ, Somerset County NJ, Hunterdon County NJ, as well as Bucks County PA and Philadelphia PA.

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