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About Me

Welcome! My name is Monika, I'm a mom of two absolutely amazing girls who are my inspiration, motivation and who make my everyday life just a little bit crazier :) When my first daughter was born, I was that "crazy mom" with the camera :) snapping pictures of every stage of her life (lots and lots of pictures). When my second daughter was born (yes, I was the same "crazy mom" with the camera) but I also began learning about photography. I spent countless hours studying about different techniques in shooting, posing newborns, children and families, about safety and of course, Photoshop. I took several online and in person workshops, all with amazing newborn and children photographers. 

I absolutely adore expecting parents! To me, pregnancy is an amazing time in life, it's short (although it may seem like, 40 weeks is not that long :) ) and worth remembering forever... Then newborns, every one of them is a little miracle... They grow so fast and in our busy lives we tend to easily forget how tiny and adorable they were in their first weeks of life... And when they were sitters, crawlers, when they took their first step, celebrated their 1st B-Day... Every year is special, every day is unique, every moment that passes becomes a memory... 

I am here to help you capture those precious moments so you and your family can cherish them forever...

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I'm fluent in polish as well :) 

Thank you for looking at my work. I hope to meet you soon :)

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